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Choose Go Jordan for a memorable Biblical tours in Jordan

Biblical Tours

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Want to explore the spiritual places with Biblical importance in Jordan? Then how about a guided Biblical tour to Jordan? How about booking a Biblical tour with the well-known company providing amazing Biblical tours packages in Jordan? You can enjoy your Biblical tours only when a professional tour guide guides you. The expert & experienced local tour guides will make your Biblical tours perfect & memorable.

Go Jordan Travel and Tourism welcomes you to the beautiful country of Jordan. They will tailor make your Biblical trip to Jordan truly exciting & filled with indulgence. It will be one of the best travel experiences you have in your life. The expert travel guides assure you that you will be enjoying your whole journey without any hitch.

About Biblical Tour: 

In biblical history, the Jordan appears as the scene of several miracles! Are you looking for Biblical toursin Jordan? A few days of Biblical Tour in Jordan will cover the ancient sites of Biblical importance, Amman, Jerash, Madaba, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, Mount Nebo, Petra, and all the Christian Places in Jordan and nearby countries. It will surely take you back to Biblical times in Jordan, including its most ancient and sacred sites. It is a fascinating experience to visit the place where Jesus was baptized, see the ruins of the hilltop fortress where John the Baptist was imprisoned and executed. The highlights of the Biblical tour in Jordan are

  • Explore Bethany beyond the Jordan, where Jesus is believed to have been baptized.
  • See the most Promising Land from the top of Mount Nebo.
  • Perceive the most notes 5th-century mosaics and baptismal fonts in the Moses Memorial Church
  • Perceive the ancient ruins of Pella, where the Christians of Jerusalem fled in 70 CE
  • Discover the remains of Byzantine churches at Umm Ar Rasas 
  • see Elijah's hill (the traditional site for his translation into heaven)
  • The modern St. John's Orthodox Church.
  • You'll drive to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Umm Ar Rasas, where you'll be able to see the remains of several Byzantine Churches and their mosaics. This site is mentioned in the Bible as Mephaath,
  • See the hilltop fortress of Machaerus, which belonged to King Herod, which is believed to be where John the Baptist was imprisoned and executed. 
  • See Lot's Cave, near Ghor Safi

Many visitors come to see this incredible place of great historical & biblical significance. Without visiting such a site, your biblical tour in Jordan is incomplete.

Go Jordan Travel and Tourism is a perfect choice for an informative Biblical tour. They make sure your tour package makes you explore every important and visiting place and scene so that your Biblical trip became cherishedin mind and soul. So get ready to experience a beautiful journey to the areas that are mentioned in the Bible. Don't worry, Go Jordan Travel and Tourism is there with you at all steps of your trip! They offer the Biblical tour package for 2022 to make the process convincing & easy. You will find our services reliable to rely upon for an enjoyable Biblical trip to Jordan. You can even customize your Biblical tour package to suit your budget and particular preference as well.

Booking a Biblical tour with Go Jordan Travel and Tourism is easy. They can make the entire trip enjoyable and straightforward. They understand the client's expectations and understand your expectations as well. Therefore, you can trust them for a safe and pleasant journey to Jordan.

Book Go Jordan Travel and Tourism and have a fun Biblical tour to make it a lifetime memory. To know more about their services & offering or 2022 Biblical tour package, give them a call today. Their customer support team will be happy to answer your queries in no time.


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